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On this page you can learn about how Hungercraft works and how to play.

The Basics


Be sure to register here at hungercraft.net so that your Hungercraft stats can be tracked! We have a bustling community, so you should also check out the chat page and forums - http://hungercraft.net/forum/. Plus, we're active and chatting in TeamSpeak - come join us at ts.hungercraft.net.

    Rules that apply to all servers:
  • Swearing of any kind towards others will result in a ban (including attempts to censor or mask such swear words).
  • Any kind of disrespect towards other players will result in a ban. This includes, but is not limited to, racism or racial slurs, sexism or homophobia, flaming, trolling, any kind of singling out of any nationality or race, or any form of disrespect towards any players or staff.
  • Any kind of spamming or advertising on the server will result in a ban.
  • Any kind of cheat or modification that gives any player an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed, including: x-ray, force field, speed hacks, auto-aim, fly hacks, etc. Mods that are allowed include Rei’s Minimap and Optifine. Inquiries regarding mod legality may be addressed on the forums.
  • Cracked clients are not allowed.
  • For a full rules list, see http://hungercraft.net/threads/updated-hungercraft-rules-list.1684/


The Hungercraft gametype entails PVP-style competition themed after the Hunger Games novels / films (which involves a future where annual 24 person deathmatches are held using 12-18 year old tributes - with the only goal being to survive longer than all others by whatever means necessary). Hungercraft has made this happen in Minecraft using custom plugins, specially built Hunger Games-style maps (both staff-made and community-submitted, most of which are in the range of 400-600 square blocks), excellent staff, and an awesome fan base. The Hungercraft gametype currently supports up to 32 players, and begins similarly to the Hunger Games in that all combatants are spawned on evenly-spaced pedestals surrounding a chest-filled cornucopia. After a brief countdown, combatants are free to do what they must to survive. This might include risking a run to the cornucopia to grab some much needed weapons and supplies, or running the opposite direction to distance yourself from other players while you gather your own food, find your own water, or craft your own killing tools (and yes, you are free to interact with the world however you please, with the exception of certain cornucopia areas - to include mining, building, crafting, etc). Note that chat for combatants is only local, and not global, so you can feel safe contacting nearby players as/if needed (however, all spectators will be able to hear you). During the match, deaths are announced along with a count of the remaining combatants. You can also check who is left surviving using the tab key. Once (if) you die, you will become a spectator and will be free to fly around the world and watch the rest of the combat. Once you become a spectator, however, you will not be able to speak with the combatants - messaging them will not work, and though you might be able to see all of the combatants' global chat, only other spectators will be able to hear you. You will also not be able to influence the world, other players, or any creatures.

There is a bit more required to survive in Hungercraft than in your usual Minecraft server, however. You must watch out for both thirst and sanity, in addition to hunger. Your XP meter now represents your thirst, which you will need to replenish similarly to hunger, by either drinking a bottle of water or submerging yourself in water and clicking. You will receive chat messages telling you when you are at 75%, 50%, 25%, and 0% thirst. If you fall to 25%, you will be unable to sprint - falling to 0% will cause you to take damage over time. Sanity, on the other hand, was introduced to prevent excessive underground mining and sky-high towering, and to speed up the end of games once only a few combatants remain via the introduction of shrinking invisible boundaries. Whenever you are too far underground, too high up, or outside of the dwindling invisible boundaries , your sanity will decrease - when it hits zero you will begin losing health. Sanity is represented by your Level (1-100, with 100 being full sanity); you will receive an alert upon the initial reduction of your sanity with a message such as "the air is too thin", or just a note that you're out of bounds. This might sound tricky, but for the most part it is very easy to watch out for and work around. And, I know, these plugins all sound awesome - but unfortunately Hungercraft is not planning to distribute these to the public at any point in time.

How to join: Just join mc1.hungercraft.net - automated server(s) run 24/7! Plus, you don't need to download or alter anything with your Minecraft client to be able to play Hungercraft! If you join while a server is in the pre-game mode, you'll find yourself in the Hungercraft lobby, and you will be added to the list of combatants for the next match. Each match begins following a brief two minute countdown once there are enough players for a game to begin (usually 5+). If you join a game that's in progress, on the other hand, you'll enter as a spectator and will be entered into the queue for the next game. Once the current game ends and a winner is announced, you will be set as a combatant and teleported back to the lobby along with everyone else, and the two-minute counter down will begin again. The server restarts every 20 games or so - it usually takes much less than a minute for it to come back up.

    Official matches and events:
  • Hungercraft hosts monthly official matches involving 32 randomly-selected players (from the list of player applicants for each match). These use the standard Hungercraft gametype, but are unique in that they are live-streamed, usually offer prizes (such as cash, donator statuses, or temporary server rentals), and generally occur on a brand-new, previously undisclosed map - offering an epic surprise for all combatants. Official matches generally occur on the last Saturday of the month at 7PM EST, occasionally proceeded by a pregame event, and often superseded by a larger free-for-all match, or additional streamed 32-player matches.
  • Hungercraft also occasionally hosts other streamed events, which may take the form of team tournaments, solo tournaments, or a variety of other gameplay styles as dictated by the event. These events also might include prizes, the introduction of new maps, and so forth - but it varies event to event.
  • You can sign up for official matches and other events just by watching the hungercraft.net home page and following the instructions for the sign-up posts. This usually just involves "liking" the post, or commenting in the thread.
  • In addition, you will often find that Hungercraft staff or community members are streaming their in-game activities (either on Hungercraft's official twitch channel, or otherwise) - just check out the forums, the forum chat, or in-game chat to look out for these streams!

    Additional information:
  • View a plethora of Hungercraft videos (official matches, unique events, player-submitted content, and more!) on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/hungercrafttv, on our YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/hungercraftdev, or on the Hungercraft site at http://hungercraft.net/media/.
  • Donate at http://www.hungercraft.net/account/upgrades to gain superficial benefits, display your Hungercraft pride, and support the continuing success of our servers!
  • Feel free to submit fan-made maps and staff applications to hungercraftdev@gmail.com. If you don't hear back from us, this likely means that you weren't accepted, and we're sorry. Please don't send multiple applications.
  • For additional guidance or in-game tips, visit the forums at http://hungercraft.net/forum/ and/or our reddit page at http://www.reddit.com/r/Hungercraft ! The forums area also the best place to: search for / recruit for Teams, offer suggestions, report bugs, report rule-breakers, or for a number of other HC-related or off-topic discussions! Just be sure to view the full list of forum channels so that your content goes in the right place.

    Hungercraft-Specific Rules:
  • There is no way to get out of the arena, so do not try. Plus, it's not allowed!
  • Working in alliances is allowed, but there can be only one winner.
  • Grandstanding is NOT allowed - do not purposefully delay the end of the game.
  • Custom skins are allowed, but camouflage skins are not.

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